Ignite is pleased to offer a range of supervision options. 

Counselling students:

We are always keen to support clinicians completing their training, and we offer a valuable learning experience at our office and within our team. Our office takes a collaborative approach to ensuring new therapists are able to practice skills and hone their academic training in a professional clinical setting. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning and working with Ignite as your practicum placement. 

Professional supervision:

As an established clinic in Whitehorse, we have both a perspective and understanding of the issues and challenges for clinicians here in the Yukon. If you’re a therapist seeking supervision from someone with knowledge of our Northern context, please connect to see if we might be a fit to your professional practice. 

Workplace / incident clinical consultation:

Our team brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to their practice, and we understand the value in having a clinical lens to apply to situations. If your workplace is interested in having a clinician join for consultation, please connect with us.